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The New Zealand Journal of Forestry is a journal publishing technical articles and peer-reviewed research relevant to forestry in New Zealand and the South Pacific.  It has been published since 1925 (as Te Kura Ngahere until 1936).  Full text articles are available as PDF files for all issues.  Issues < 3 years old are restricted to members/subscribers - all older issues are available free.  Authors may self-archive the publisher's version/pdf of their paper on open-access websites with the condition that the author attributes the paper to the journal.  The New Zealand Journal of Forestry is published by the New Zealand Institute of Forestry (Inc.).

NEW ISSUES ARE PASSWORD PROTECTED.  Issues < 3 years old are available to members only.  Members please enter your email in the box on the lower right to get your password emailed to you.  Note that this will only work if your email address is on the NZIF membership list.  If this does not work, or your email address has changed, please email to receive a password.  Computers at institutions that subscribe to NZJF should not be asked for a username and password, so long as their IP address(es) have been provided.

  Current Issue:
Chris Goulding
Pages: 2
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 26 KB)

Conference Report
The power of collaboration in the forestry industry - a harvesting contractorís perspective
Ian Reid
Pages: 3–6
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 288 KB)

Conference Report
Human factors engagement to improve health and safety
Les Bak
Pages: 7–8
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 152 KB)

Conference Report
Impacts on forestry of changes in society and corresponding land use
Peter Casey
Pages: 9–12
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 288 KB)

Conference Report
From the ground up - transforming decades of harvesting experience into world-leading life-saving technology
Dale Ewers
Pages: 13–16
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 367 KB)

Professional Paper
Steep land forest management - lessons from 25 years ago
Keith Raymond and Ross Bawden
Pages: 17–24
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 431 KB)

Professional Paper
Management of radiata pine using selective harvesting and natural regeneration
John Wardle
Pages: 25–28
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 265 KB)

Professional Paper
Planted forests and water yield in New Zealandís hydrological landscape - current and future challenges
Dean F. Meason, Brenda R. Baillie, , Priscilla Lad and Tim Payn
Pages: 29–35
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 307 KB)

Professional Paper
Bridging the gap between research and implementation - a personal view
John Moore
Pages: 36–39
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 212 KB)

Professional Paper
A career in forestry and wood products
Linda Sewell
Pages: 40–43
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 299 KB)

New Zealand needs forest engineers
Dallas Hemphill
Pages: 44
Abstract | Article (pdf file, 359 KB)

PDFs of issues < 3 years old are restricted to subscribers.  Free access will always be available to issues > 3 years old.