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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1984) 29(2): 269–295
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Impacts of forest sector growth in Bruce County, Otago: a case study.

P. H. B. Aldwell and J. Whyte

This study quantifies and traces financial and employment flows in the rural economy of Bruce County, Otago. Income and expenditure flows for a mix of forestry and pastoral farming properties are examined to determine the nature and effects of increasing afforestation in Bruce County. The flows between the growing site and Port Chalmers {Dunedin) are then traced to identify the likely downstream employment derived from both land uses.

Results indicate that the major employment benefit for the county would come from, local processing of the wood resource rather than from servicing the needs of the growing forest. Because the local economy has been set up largely to support pastoral farming, agricultural activity will continue to be the main source of service sector development in the foreseeable future. Analysis suggests that the existing Infrastructure is not being threatened by increasing afforestation partly because of the increased carrying capacity of existing farmland and partly because the forest sector deals already with at least 50% of that infrastructure.

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