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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1985) 30(2): 237–250
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Approaches to pruned resource evaluation.

A. Somerville , J. C. Park and C. J. Goulding

Large volumes of potentially valuable pruned radiata pine logs are about to come on stream in New Zealand. Procedures are required to evaluate pruned log quality in terms of product recovery and potential value. These must consider log volumes, external and internal log characteristics, ^performance under various primary processes, and the market environment.
Three approaches to pruned resource evaluation are discussed. An approach based entirely on prediction is used for long-term strategy planning; measurement is impossible, estimates and approximations are all that can be achieved. A second approach addresses short-term planning for a maturing resource; accuracy is improved with the inclusion of preharvest inventory and a clearer knowledge of market conditions. The third approach is aimed at providing information for log sales and is necessary when internal log description cannot be predicted without risk of large error. Very detailed log descriptions are obtained from direct measurement and these can be fed into computer simulation models that predict log processing performance.

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