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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (1968) 13(2): 220–228
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Research article
Silvicultural proposals for Radiata Pine on High Quality Sites

R.T. Fenton and W.R.J. Sutton

An evaluation of current production thinning in radiata pine grown on high quality sites indicates that it has failed to increase realizable volumes, provide adequate intermediate returns (sufficient to compensate for the loss of growth on the final crop trees) or significantly improve selection and quality of the final crop trees.
An alternative, and potentially more profitable regime is proposed which eliminates any production thinning for major produce by reducing the stand to the final crop in two stages (to 150 s.p.a. at 35 ft, and to 80 s.p.a. at 55 ft). This regime, designed to maintain near-maximum growth on the final crop trees, is expected to produce trees of mean d.b.h. 22 to 23 inches in 25 to 26 years on sites of Index 95 ft.
The regime aims to produce board grades only.

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