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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2006) 51(3): 35–41
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

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Integrating advanced biomass gasifiers into the New Zealand wood industry

J. P. Rutherford and C. J. Williamson

Biomass gasification offers an appealing cogeneration option for the energy intensive wood industry. The appeal of biomass gasification stems from the fact that gasification transforms a solid fuel, often waste, into a gaseous fuel which retains 75-88% of the heating value of the original (Higman and Burgt, 2003). A gaseous fuel offers easier handling and the ability to be utilized in either a gas engine or a gas turbine. Conventional biomass cogeneration plants utilize steam turbines and manage an electrical efficiency of 15-28%, while integration of a gasifier with a gas turbine or engine allow efficiencies of 25-40% (Franco and Giannini, 2005). This paper presents a model for assessing the feasibility of gasification based cogeneration plants. Firstly a chemical equilibrium model for a fast internally circulating fluid bed biomass gasifier is presented allowing estimation of the product gas composition. Secondly basic process flowsheets for two heat and power applications are considered; these are integration with a gas engine and integration with a gas turbine combined cycle.
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