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New Zealand Journal of Forestry (2012) 56(4): 43–45
©New Zealand Institute of Forestry

Letter to the Editor
David Elliott’s letter - a response from one of Fenton’s acolytes

Wink Sutton

Sir David Elliott in his timely letter “The Alice in Wonderland World of New Zealand Wood Quality and Log Pricing” (page 30, NZ J. For. 56(2) of Aug 2000) presents a very good summary of present market conditions and possible solutions. His letter begins with the statement that “Fenton and his enthusiastic acolytes were wrong…”. As one of those “enthusiastic acolytes” I feel bound to respond and to explain why we were passionate advocates. In the 1960s a new research group - The Economics of Silviculture - was established at the Forest Research Institute in Rotorua and I was appointed as one of its scientists. We had responsibility for researching all aspects of radiata pine silviculture.
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